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A Low-Cost Smart Charging Solution

Based on our best-selling JuiceBox? EVSE platform, the JuiceBoard provides EVSE suppliers a low-cost solution to convert traditional, non-networked, charging stations to smart, grid-connected, devices. EVSE suppliers in Europe and North America use JuiceBoard to cost-effectively meet growing demands for networked charging infrastructure.

JuiceBoard key features include:

  • Robust IoT connectivity - WiFi, Ethernet, cellular

  • Revenue grade energy metering circuit

  • Lite and Standard edition PCBs, designed to be embedded into host EVSE

  • Advanced grid & environmental sensors (T, V, A, W, power factor, Freq.)

  • Circuit load balancing

  • Automatic notifications

  • Accessibility to JuiceNet web-based portal and mobile app (Android, iOS)

  • Multi-user support and authentication

  • Billing support

  • Smart Home integration

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